Stella Splendens  /  Maggie-Beth Sand & Serpentyne | | | artist | | album |
BSC Music 654 | Prudence 698.7654.2

1. Stella splendens   [6:57]   LV  2
2. Quen a omagen   [7:45]   CSM  353
3. Personent hodie   [5:03]
4. The bramble and the rose   [4:46]

5. Quant li rosignols   [4:32]
6. Me lyketh ever the lenger   [3:39]
7. Non sofre   [6:15]   CSM  159

8. Kalenda Maya   [5:06]
9. Love divided   [4:26]
10. Ave Mater / Dou way Robin   [5:16]
11. Three Schottisches   [3:44]

Maggie-Beth Sand — voice, harmonium, spinet
Will Summerscrumhorn, recorder, concert flute, wooden flute, shawm
Mark Powellhurdy gurdy, cittern, citole
Joanne Houghton, Michelle Fineoboe, recorder
Anthar Kharana, Will Hughespercussion, voice

Mediaeval, Renaissance and World music with a contemporary twist. Mystic chants in Latin, Occitain, old French, old English, mixed with ethnic and medieval instruments, reflective and atmospheric at times, energetic and up-tempo at others. Finding the lost voices of our ancestors... - To the mediaeval philosophers, music expressed the rhythms of nature, the movement of the stars and planets, and our relationship with the infinite. Compelling, calming and magical – the voice of Maggie Beth Sand transports our distracted modern ears and minds to the simple pleasures of an earlier time.

On this CD Maggie presents music from the 12th to 16th centuries. Let their pipes, drums and hurdy-gurdies take you back to a mediaeval castle – for celebration or quiet contemplation.

”These days mediaeval and renaissance music is usually found in the formal atmosphere of the concert hall. In the hands of the band it once again becomes a living thing.” (Toby Freeman, Folk London magazine)

All music arranged and produced by Maggie Beth Sand (voice, harmonium, spinet and percussion) and Mark Powell (hurdy-gurdy, gittern and cittole.)