Once upon a time  /  Cantiga

Music of innocence and enchantment / the instrumentalists of The New World Renaissance Band

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Nightwatch Recordings   NW 1003


1. The Magick Butterfly   [4:43]   The Butterfly, Irish slip-jig

2. The Wizard   [3:49]   pastorelle, adapted from a 13th century trouvère song   [Dehors lonc pré]

3. The Well of Enchantment   [3:54]   The Night is Past and Gonea melody from Doyle's Music of Ireland

4. The Sudden Appearance of Oberon   [2:45]   The King of the Fairies, Irish set dance

5. Moonlit Revels of the Gypsy Queen   [4:42]   La Romanesca, 16th century French dance

6. The Amulet   [4:48]   Cantiga 353, from the court of Alfonso X   CSM  353

7. Procession of Sages & Warriors   [2:32]   lauda, adapated from a 13th century Norman penitential chant

8. Burley Mariners   [2:50]   hornpipe, after traditional: The Rights of Man

9. The Princess Royal   [3:29]   morris dance, adapted from Turlough O'Carolan

10. The King's Quest   [4:27]   Cantiga 166 "Como Poden", from the court of Alfonso X   CSM  166

11. The Enchantment of the Faeries   [2:51]   The Star of Munster, traditional Irish reel

12. Lament   [3:29]   Kilcash, Irish lament for the Fall of the House of Ormond

the instrumentalists of The New World Renaissance Band

Bob Bielefeld — recorders
Malcolm Smith — fiddle
Martha Gay — harp
Max Dyer — cello
Ray Dillard, Bob Bielefeld — percussion

Recording: 1993-1994, Heights Sound Studio, Houston, TX
Produced by Max Dyer and Cantiga
© ℗ Nightwatch Recordings NW 1003