Stella splendens  /  Arcantus | |


1. Stella splendens  [6:24]   LV  2

2. Quen a omagen  [6:57]   CSM  353

3. Personnent hodie  [5:05]

4. An dro  [3:29]

5. Quand li rosignol  [4:21]

6. Me lyketh ever the lenger  [3:41]

7. Non sofre  [6:08]   CSM  159

8. Kalenda Maya  [5:07]

9. Ave Mater / Dou way Robin  [5:17]

10. The Tangent Schottisches  [3:39]

released May 1, 2020

Arranged and produced by Marilyn Sherwood and Mark Bedford.

On this album, Marilyn Sherwood and Mark Bedford present sacred and secular mediaeval and traditional songs from various corners of Europe in their own style. Marilyn's voice is combined with a mix of traditional instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, citole and gittern, plus the subtle use of modern keyboards.

Arcantus is a music production / composition duo consisting of Mark Bedford and Marilyn Sherwood, often collaborating with a cast of guest musicians in order to achieve their sonic vision.

Their music is special in that it blurs the lines between a variety of genres and production aesthetics: European folk, rock, and dubstep and EDM beats. The concept is to look back at the tradition of European folk and mediaeval music and combine it with contemporary production styles and sounds.

Arcantus have developed a one-of-a-kind sound, though their music has been compared to artists such as Faun, Loreena McKennit and Blackmore's Knight.