Visions and Miracles / Ensemble Alcatraz
Gallician and Latin sacred songs from 13th-century Spain
Nonesuch 7 9180-1 (LP)
Nonesuch 7 9180-2 (CD)
Nonesuch 7 9180-2 (cassette)



1. Quen a Virgen ben servirá  [5:26]   CSM 103
Morris, Higginson, Kammen, Maund

2. [3:21]
Fontis in rivulum
Fulton, Higginson; arr. Kammen
Fontis in rivulum · Codex Las Huelgas, Hu  165
Morris, Higginson

3. Connosçudamente mostre miragres  [3:45]   CSM 333

4. Alavança de Mudanza  [11:47]
an instrumental suite, arranged by Ensemble Alcatraz
and based on melodies from the Cantigas

Fulton, Higginson, Kammen, Maund

5. Toda cousa que aa Virgen  [5:44]   CSM 117

6. Gran dereit'  [8:04]   CSM 34
ensemble, chorus

7. Ad honorem salvatoris  [6:31]  Codex Las Huelgas, Hu  73
Morris, Kammen

8. A Virgen mui grorïosa  [14:35]   CSM 42
ensemble, chorus

LP, cassette

1. Quen a Virgen ben servirá  [5:33]
2. Fontis in rivulum  [3:15]
3. Toda cousa que aa Virgen  [4:35]
4. Alavança de Mudanza  [11:42]

1. Gran dereit'  [8:06]
2. Ad honorem salvatoris  [7:00]
3. A Virgen mui grorïosa  [15:10]

Ensemble Alcatraz

Susan Rode Morris — soprano
Cheryl Ann Fulton — medieval harp
Kit Higginson — recorders, psaltery
Shira Kammen — vielle, rebec, lyre
Peter Maund — percussion


Anne Hodgkinson, Ellen McDonald — soprano
Lawrence Ohran, Mitchell Sandler — baritone



The Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century was home to a great exchange of cultures. One result: the cantiga, a combination of old and new musics from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sources that told stories of adventure, calamity, and redemption, here brought to life by the Ensemble Alcatraz.

Produced by Peter Clancy
Recorded at Lone Mountain Chapel, University of San Francisco, Ignatian Heights
Engineer: David Griesinger
Editing: Jack Vad/Gerry Kearby, IMS Dyaxis

Art direction: Henrietta Condak
Cover art: Claudio Bravo, Madonna, 1979-80
Private collection, Courtesy of Marlborough Gallery