Hummingbirds / Saturnalia Trio
New Weave


1. Drum of Reverence  [4:37]

2. Keep You in the Dark  [3:31]

3. Caribou Mountain Estampie  [2:00]

4. The Devils Aerie  [2:41]

5. In Its Glory / Galliarde  [3:58]

6. Southbound on a Sunny Day '08  [1:56]

7. Chase the Blues  [3:16]

8. Sad, Sad Summer  [3:34]

9. Gemshorn Pipe  [4:08]

10. The Planting Song  [2:16]

11. Comment Qu'a a Moy  [1:36]   Guillaume de MACHAUT

12. Portum in Ultimo  [2:58]   cc 51 · cc 107

13. Alfonso X Tune  [2:47]   CSM 166

14. Thimbleberry Song  [1:47]

15. Orlando Sleepeth  [1:36]

16. Sleepy Afternoon  [2:21]

17. Qui Porriot un Guierredon  [2:02]

18. Proud Father of My Garden  [2:42]

19. At the Clocks End  [3:33]

20. Sail Out of Darkness  [3:30]

Album Notes

Saturnalia Trio presents an energetic, ethereal and eclectic mix of original songs and melodies which incorporate elements borrowed from world folk music, infused with European Medieval and Renaissance music played on flutes, violins, percussion, mandolins and dulcimers with their recordings utilizing modern production technology. While eschewing an academic approach to performing medieval music, Saturnalia Trio has been performing their progressive folk music for audiences since 1995 - releasing critically acclaimed albums with world-wide internet distribution and receiving airplay in various markets.

Daniel Crommie is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (mandolin, buche, balalaika, recorders, flute, synthesizers, etc.) and producer who has released over two dozen solo albums, several albums with Group Du Jour, four with Echo System and four with Saturnalia Trio over the last 25 years on the New Weave label. Not content to adhere to any singular flavor or color, Daniel Crommie's musical palette includes forays into medieval, techno-pop, folk, electronic and experimental genres using a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instruments. A founding member of Group Du Jour, Echo System, Continuum and most recently Saturnalia Trio, Daniel's music has been critically hailed as far afield as Yugoslavia, England, Russia and Japan, and has been featured in several French & American television documentaries.

Leslie Gray plays violin, viola and sings. Classically trained since the age of nine, she has branched out studying jazz, early renaissance and even a bit of Celtic music. Leslie has performed in orchestras and while living in Sydney, Australia played in a chamber ensemble. A teacher by trade and a perennial musician, Leslie is a creative string composer and arranger for Saturnalia Trio, which she co-founded with Daniel Crommie in 1995. Leslie released her first solo instrumental album "Songs for Kyle" in 2006.

Paul Evans plays dumbek, djembes and flute. Paul studied jazz saxophone performance and classical oboe performance at Arizona State University where he held a staff position as composer and accompanist for the dance department. A gifted composer and arranger who also plays keyboards, guitar and sings, Paul also publishes his original poetry and photographs when he's not playing in a gypsy jazz, middle eastern or trip hop band. With Saturnalia Trio since summer of 2000, Paul contributes his skilled and diverse musicality and arranging talents to the band.

Tracey Brown plays harp, sings and hails from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.