Dowry of a Troll Woman  /  Perkelt

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1. Velt Leen   [2:35]

2. Ai Vist Lo Lop   [3:57]

3. The Willow Song   [5:02]

4. Pilgrim   [3:27]

5. Herr Mannelig   [4:42]

6. Quen a Festa   [3:23]   CSM  195

7. Tourdion   [6:16]

8. If My Complaints   [4:06]

9. Santa Maria   [3:21]   CSM  100

[Liner Notes from Dowry of a Troll Woman]

Mister Mannelig was a rich, handsome, and successful man.
Why he should care about an awful troll woman who
hopelessly fell in love with him?
The world is full of undesirable suitors!
This troll lady is special, however, and you will understand
if you listen to her carefully...

This CD, the third album by PerKelt, continues to explore the band’s unique “Celtic Medieval Speed Folk” genre, showcasing the new trio line-up they established in the United Kingdom. Through Dowry of a Troll Woman, PerKelt brings the sound and energy of their highly acclaimed live performances to every home, tavern, castle and troll's den...

From all of PerKelt,
Thank you for listening!

PerKelt are:
Pavlina Bastlova – vocals and recorders
Stepan Honc – guitar
Will Connor – percussion

Produced and arranged by Stepan Honc
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Connor at Formless Spawn Studios, London, England, July – August 2013

All music © 2013, composed by Pavlina Bastlova, Stepan Honc, and Will Connor, working with original music and lyrics by John Dowland, Alfonse X., William Shakespeare, and several anonymous, most-certainly dead composers.

Cover image taken from reports of a sea monster sighting in the Ligurian and Balearic Seas, 1562.

Since 2008, PerKelt has a wealth of experience playing at many events throughout the United Kingdom, prestigious World-Music venues, theatre projects and medieval taverns and festivities all over Europe. The band is renown for their musical skills, flexibility and high level of professionalism. Some of the venues at which they have appeared include The Hootananny, The Spice of Life or The Dublin Castle, a multitude of gigs at The Jamboree, regular performances at some of the biggest Medieval taverns of Europe, such as the “Detenice” in the Czech Republic for audiences of over 800 people, as well as performing regularly as part of the “Shakespearience” theatre project in London.

The current line-up is a trio consisting of Guitarist Stepan Honc, recorder player Paja Bastlova, and percussionist Will Connor.

Stepan Honc:
Founding member of the band PerKelt, born in the Czech Republic, Stepan graduated from The Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and graduated with honours at The Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in Classical guitar playing and history of music and in 2002, Stepan won the Guitarreando classical guitar competition. Since 2008 Stepan puts all his time and effort in the PerKelt project as the musical director and leading arranger of Early Music.

Pavlina Bastlova:
Founding member and a lead composer of the band PerKelt, born in the Czech Republic, Paja was considered to be child prodigy recorder player since she was 4 years old. She has won many recorder competitions, following a methods of her teacher Jan Milde and graduated at the Academy of Music in Brno and the Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in wind instruments and history of music. Previously, Paja has played with many Early Music ensembles and had attended the International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice regularly but since 2008 on concentrates on the PerKelt project only.

Will Connor
Percussionist of the band, Will recently completed his Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from Royal Holloway University of London where he studied Medieval and Neo-Medievalist music. He has been a working musician in various genres since the mid-1980s, and draws from his experiences while living and performing in the Appalachian mountains, Hawai`i, Alaska, Tibet/China, and as part of multiple European, North American, and Asian tours and festivals to bring an added unique timbre element to the band. Will performs on an array of traditional and self-made percussion to the band, including Egyptian tabla, Iranain tonbak, Tlingit Ixt frame drum, Middle Eastern tar, duf, nagara, and doumbek, as well as several Medieval percussion instruments.