On World Trip  /  Double U.S.

AAL 2005001


1. Ravinder   [4:17]

2. Happy Glassday   [9:17]
a tribute to Philip Glass

3. Melante's Last Song   [4:41]
from The Last Passion

4. TimeTravel   [5:19]

5. Puncha, puncha   [4:10]

6. For Elias   [1:45]

7. Pure Beat   [3:12]

8. Como Poden   [2:30]   CSM  166

9. Carlos I   [3:12]

10. Carlos II   [3:18]

11. Insiraf Zampogna   [5:43]

12. Anaïs' Lullaby   [2:06]

13. Times   [6:56]

Album Notes

I travelled this world through time and space, discovering wondrous sounds.
In Cordoba, I played along with Tarik Banzi and his lovely wife Julia, during Ibn Sina's days.
I met King Alphonso "El Sabio"; I staid at his court for 15 years with Zampogna, sharing his Cantigas on cane flute, oud, darbouka, fiddle, celtic harp, bagpipe and hammered dulcimer as we sang along.
I fell in love with a sephardic melody in Sevilla, in the days of the Conquistadores. But hurt myself on a rose.

I met Telemann and witnessed his Last Passion in 1767. In turn, he attended the 1996 new world premiere in Antwerp.

I was playing the turkish kanoun in Harlem, NY lately.

I met Philip Glass and he says he very much likes "Happy Glassday".

Paul Wings gave the score and the demo CD to Paul McCartney.

I tuned the Steinway & Sons concert grand myself for the Stuttgart recording of "Happy Glassday" and Salvador Guzman sang wonderful as his charming wife Zane Stradyna played the piano so accurate!

I still need to travel to Karnataka, to embrace my daughter Saroja in India. Might Ravinder help me out there?

Time to meet you on stage again! Maybe in Cornudas? Maybe with Elias?

Wim will give the tempi; Mike might sing realtime? Mantras with Ann (humming little Anaïs to sleep?)

I want to meet Zachary Richard with Ivan. I'd like to whistle Carlos' melodies on Calabria's streets...

And what about Martian March?