Canardus Horribilis  /  Canardus Horribilis |
Naturecord  NRE003


1. Avrix mi galanica   [4:18]

2. Pastime with Good Company   [3:38]

3. La rotta   [3:03]

4. Como Poden   [2:29]   CSM  166

5. Belle qui tiens ma vie   [1:51]

6. Pase el Aqua   [1:18]

7. Saltarello   [1:44]

8. Tourdion   [4:32]

Canardus Horribilis is a Norwegian ensemble playing medieval and early renaissance music.

We mix traditional music with curiosity and playfulness, and are not afraid of blending in influences from other time-periods and musical traditions.

We promise to play concerts you’ll never forget! We perform with high energy and great love for our audience and repertoire.

The band’s members comes from different musical, ranging from historical music to jazz, rock, pop, punk, metal, progressive rock, Norwegian folk music, classical, theatre, electronic music, circus, free improvisation, lullabies and folk music.
Members of Canardus also have extensive experience from theatre / physical theatre, dance, historical dance and circus. Some of the instruments we use are built by our own luthier.

1. Avrix Mi Galancia - Traditional Sephardic
2. Pastime with Good Company - Henry VIII
3. La Rotta - Traditional Italian
4. Como Poden - Alfonso X
5. Belle qui tiens ma vie - Thoinot Arbeau
6. Pase El Agoa - Traditional Galician
7. Saltarello - Traditional Italian
8. Tourdion - Pierre Attaingnant

Aleksander Haugen: Viola Lacuna
Anja Christine Boman: Flutes, Recorders, Cornamuse, Crumhorns, Rauschpfeife
Pål Isdahl Solberg: Irish Bouzouki
Ranveig Helene Nordbryhn: Flutes, Recorders, Cornamuse, Crumhorns, Rauschpfeife
Rune Erling Pedersen: Drums, Percussion
Terje Mentyjærvi: Guitarra Latina

Recorded and mixed by Pål Isdahl Solberg at Naturecord Studio
Mastered by Cris Sansom at Propeller Mastering
Artwork by Terje Mentyjærvi
Label Naturecord / NRE003