Llibre Vermell de Montserrat & Cantigas de Santa Maria

Micrologus · Jaroslaw 2002

1. Por razon tenno d' obedecer  [3:54]   Cantigas de Santa Maria     CSM  133
miragre de Montserrat

2a. Virgo Splendens  [1:45]   LV  1
2b. Stella Splendens  [6:11]   LV  2

3a. A Madre de Jesu Cristo  [4:14]   Cantigas de Santa Maria   CSM  302
3b. Mui grandes noit' e dia  [4:05]   Cantigas de Santa Maria   CSM  57

4a. Laudemus Virginem  [1:33]   LV  3
4b. Splendens ceptigera  [1:03]  LV  4
4c. Ad mortem festinamus   [4:14]  LV 10

Cantigas de Santa MariaSuite instrumental
5a. Mui gran dereit'  [1:35]   CSM  52
5b. Tanto son da Groriosa  [2:21]   CSM  48

6a. Polorum Regina  [3:34]  LV  7
6b. Inperayritz de la ciutat joyosa  [6:14]  LV  9
6c. Mariam Matrem Virginem  [4:13]  LV  8

7a. Los set goytx  [4:15]  LV  5
7b. Cuncti simus concanentes  [3:33]  LV  6

8. Quantos me creveren loarán  [2:22]   CSM 120
9. Dized', ai trobadores  [3:04]   CSM 260

(bis 1). Stella Splendens  [5:36]   LV  2

(bis 2). Cuncti simus concanentes  [3:31]  LV  6

(bis 3). Qual é a santivigada  [4:11]   CSM 330


Between 18 and 26 August 2002, enthusiasts of early music were offered a feast of great music and performances at the Festival in Jaroslaw (Carpathian Foothills area of southern Poland.

The closing concert presented pilgrim songs of the 14th century, in a performance by Micrologus ensemble from Italy.

The Festival was subtitled, "The Song of Our Roots" and also included concerts of music for organ, choir, soloists and ensembles performed by musicians from Greece, Italy, France, England, Poland, and Georgia.

During the course of the festival special liturgical services were held incorporating early religious music into modern devotional practice.

Moreover those who wished to learn how to sing and dance medieval music were offered special classes and seminars on a variety of subjects.


Saturday, 24 August, 2002
4.00PM, Benedictines' Abbey
8.00PM, Dominican Basilic

concert of MICROLOGUS from Italy

The ensemble will be working together with the Festival participants in order to prepare a commonly performed programme of the pilgrims' songs from Catalonian El Llibre Vermel. Here is the result of this work.