Shira Kammen

• discografía ilustrada

Ars Magis Subtiliter. Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex / Ensemble P.A.N.
new albion, 1987
Visions and Miracles. Gallician and Latin sacred songs from 13th-century Spain / Ensemble Alcatraz
nonesuch, 1988
Danse Royale. French, Anglo-Norman and Latin songs and dances from the 13th century / Ensemble Alcatraz
nonesuch, 1989

Le Roman de Fauvel / Boston Camerata, Ensemble Project Ars Nova
erato, 1991

Intabulations. Lute Music 1440-1500 / Crawford Young
lantefana, 1993
Wings of Time / Lauren Pomerantz
songbird music, 1994

Cantigas from the Court of Dom Dinis / Paul Hillier, Theatre of Voices
harmonia mundi, 1994

The Romance of the Rose. Feminine Voices from Medieval France / Heliotrope
koch, 1995

World's Bliss. Medieval Songs of Love and Death / John Fleagle
songbird, 1995-1996

Provence Mystique / Anne Azéma
erato, 1998

Cantigas de Santa María / Camerata Mediterranea, Abdelkrim Rais Andalusian Orchestra of Fès, Mohammed Briouel
erato, 1998

Cantigas de Amigo. 13th-Century Galician-Portuguese Songs & Dances of Love, Longing & Devotion / Alcatraz | Kitka | Angelorum
dorian, 1999

Cello / Barry Phillips
gourd music, 2000

The Radiance of Faith / Lauren Pomerantz
songbird music, 2000

In Time of Daffodils. Songs of the Trobairitz / Heliotrope
koch, 2001

Étoile du Nord. Le miracle médiéval · Gauthier de COINCI / Anne Azéma
calliope, 2001

One Day as I Went Riding / The Sherwood Consort
winged horse, 2002

Music of Waters
bright angel records, 2002

The Castle of the Holly King. Secular Songs for the Yuletide
bright angel records, 2003

Music for a Winter's Eve / Susan Rode Morris · Shira Kammen · Eileen Hadidian · Maureen Brennan · Julie Jeffrey
healing muses, 2003

The Almanac. Time & the Turning Wheel
bright angel records, 2003

Mistral. Winds of Song in France, Italy and Brittany / Crawford Young
bright angel records, 2006

לגלות · Exiled / Istanpitta
istanpitta, 2007

Teslim / Kaila Flexer · Gari Hegedus · Olov Johansson · Julian Smedley · Liza Wallace
cdbaby, 2008

Honey from the Thorn. Music of Medieval England / Tim Rayborn
cdbaby, 2009

The Black Dragon. Music from the time of Vlad Dracula / Cançonièr
koch, 2010

The Dawn of Joy [Chominciamento di Gioia]. Song and Dances in 14th c. Italy / Margriet Tindemans
magnatune, 2010

Music from the Labyrinth From Chartres to Grace / Diana Stork & Portia Diwa
diana stork & portia diwa, 2016