Media vita
Polskie pieśni pasyjne
Bornus Consort


Dux 0279

styczeń 1997
Pałac Sapiehów, Warszawa

The CD "Media Vita - In the Midst Of Life" presents the results of the 15 years long ensemble's work on the passion chant. Years of struggle with simplicity of form, adequacy of vocal technique and musical aesthetics as well as theological interpretation. Yet above all it was a time of constantly discovering the earlier and earlier traditions and gradual study of laws that govern human memory. We learn the oral transmission from few heirs of living tradition who received their song directly from the former generations not having shed a word, a quaver of voice. Many years had to go past by the time we have admitted this very transmission to be the perfect one.

Discovering the principles of the 10th century Gregorian chant was for us an important stage in learning the tradition. This chant was similar to almost nothing we have known about European music. It consisted of certain cells and modules most probably which we might date back to the times of Constantine, Mohamet, the first Christians, Jesus Christ or even earlier. This chant revealed to us some new liturgical meanings. Referring to the forgotten sense of time it made us understand the rules of a common singing in a different way. Through the similarities or even common elements it was opening toward remote traditions of old confessions of Asia Minor, Byzantine and Arabic as well as many other European folk traditions. Then the certain circle of our research was completed and thus we decided to present this music.

1 - Vinea mea   [4:16]
2 - Jezusa Judasz przedał (Żołtarz Jezusów)   [10:18]
3 - Jezus Chrystus Bóg Człowiek   [17:13]
4 - Pamiętajmyż wszyscy wierni   [3:59]
5 - Stała Matka żałościwa   [4:14]
6 - Krzyżu Święty i chwalebny   [4:26]
7 - Krzyżu Święty nade wszystko   [10:36]
8 - Wszyscy mieszkańcy dworu niebieskiego   [5:40]
9 - Bądź pozdrowion, Krzyżu Święty   [2:25]
10 - Media vita   [2:49]

Bornus Consort
Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński

Robert Lawaty ˇ cantus
Robert Pożarski ˇ altus
Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński ˇ tenor, lira korbowa (#3)
Cezary Szyfman ˇ tenor
Mirosław Borczyński ˇ bas
Stanisław Szczyciński ˇ bas