From Galway to Galicia. The Celtic Shores / Altramar
Medieval Music from the Atlantic coasts of Europe, Britain, and Ireland
Dorian Recordings DOR-93248


1. Fégaid Úaib   [1:36]
copied in the Book of Ballymote, originally 8th c.

2. Muit' amar devemos   [8:40]   CSM 36
The Cantigas de Santa Maria, 13th c.

3. The Tides of Galway   [4:30]
Jann Cosart, after Trinity College Dublin MS. 80, 15th c.

4.En Silvis Caesa   [4:18]
attributed to St COLUMBANUS, 6th c.

5. The Last Voyage of St. Brendan  [19:23]
Bodleian MS. Laud 108, late 13th • additional texts from The Book of Lismore, early 15th c.

6. Ondas do mar  [5:34]
Jann Cosart, after Cantiga de Santa Maria CSM 267 · 13th c.

7. De bone amour et de lëaul amie  [10:39]
Gace BRULÉ (fl. late 12th c.)

8. Assi pod'a virgen  [10:08]   CSM 226
The Cantigas de Santa Maria, 13th c.

medieval music ensemble

Jann Cosart — vielle, crwth
Angela Mariani — voice, medieval harp, medieval Celtic harp, cruit
Chris Smith — cruit, gittern, percussion, reciting voice
David Stattelman — voice

Altramar performs on a matched set of instruments especially designed
for them by luthier Timothy G. Johnson.

Recording; St Bridget Church, Solon, Indiana, USA — june 2001
except #5: Church of the Immaculate Conception, Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana — june 1998

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