foro2008 failure?

[15.12.2017  5:00 GMT+1]

It's not possible to post anything on foro2008 due to a session verification failure. Is it deliberate? Is it just me to face this problem?

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[15.12.2017  5:00 GMT+1]

[15.12.2017  12:58 GMT+1]

It is not possible.
Maybe the SMF software is very old (no updates).
I cannot write any post or modify it.

I could restore the forum,
but I have not taken backups since 2014 (the plan was to close it).
Recent posts (not many, really) would be lost
unless I copy them manually.

I am too old now to start a 'war' with the software.
Besides, in both fora I get a message now in each page I open:
The default theme's directory is wrong, please correct it by clicking this text.
I haven't been able to correct it.
I hope none of you see that ugly message (with pink background).

I will open a board here, FORO 2008, seen only by members, not guests.

(Perhaps I will copy the most recent posts, those not included in the last back-up).

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[18.12.2017  12:09 GMT+1]

Last thread saved:
topic 9303
(18.02.14, 13:50)

up to message 31763

Last thread in the failing forum:
topic 9466
(04.12.17, 16:50)
up to message 31358

163 threads missing
405 messages not saved

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