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Release date: December 2021
Recording date: November 2020, Waterloo Studios, Australia


Ordo Virtutum

1. Praelocutio: Incipit Ordo Virtutum  Ego, Humilitas, regina Virtutum  [1:31]

2. The Patriarchs and Prophets address the Virtues  Qui sunt hi?  [1:53]
Ethan Taylor (tenor), Hayden Barrington (bass)

3. The Soul struggles with the world, and the Virtues offer assistance  O nos peregrine  [11:03]
Roberta Diamond (soprano), Jessica O'Donoghue (alto), Josie Ryan (soprano), Koen van Stade (tenor), Iris Farrer (singer), Ruby Bron (singer), Annie Farrer (singer)

4. Humility  Ego humilitas  [1:35]   Jessica O'Donoghue (alto)
5. Charity  Ego karitas  [1:01]  Janine Harris (alto)
6. Fear of God  Ego timor dei  [1:58]  Janine Harris (alto), Koen van Stade (tenor)
7. Obedience  Ego lucida obedientia  [0:56]  Janine Harris (alto)
8. Faith  Ego fides  [1:05]  Janine Harris (alto)
9. Hope, Chastity, and Innocence  Ego sum dulcis  [4:35]  Janine Harris (alto), Pip Dracakis (alto)
10. Contempt of the World  Ego contemptus mundi  [1:45]  Pip Dracakis (alto)
11. Celestial Love  Ego aurea porta  [1:11]  Pip Dracakis (alto)
12. Discipleship / Grace of God  Ego sum amatrix  [1:09]  Pip Dracakis (alto)
13. Modesty and Mercy  Ego obtenebro  [2:29]  Janine Harris (alto)
14. Victory  Ego victoria  [1:46]  Josie Ryan (soprano)
15. Discretion  Ego discretio sum  [0:59]  Josie Ryan (soprano)
16. Patience  Ego sum columpna  [1:53]  Josie Ryan (soprano), Jessica O'Donoghue (alto)

17. The Soul returns in penitence  Heu heu  [4:08]  Roberta Diamond (soprano)
18. The Soul turns to Humility's embrace  Ego peccator  [6:46]
Roberta Diamond (soprano), Jessica O'Donoghue (alto), Koen van Stade (tenor)

19. The Pentitent Soul sees the Devil beaten  Ego omnis vias  [4:38]
Roberta Diamond (soprano), Jessica O'Donoghue (alto), Josie Ryan (soprano)
20. Chastity confronts the Devil  In mente altissimi  [4:57]
Pip Dracakis (alto), Koen van Stade (tenor), Jessica O'Donoghue (alto)
21. The Virtues rejoice  O pater omnipotens  [0:45]
Jessica O'Donoghue (alto), Josie Ryan (soprano), Janine Harris (alto), Pip Dracakis (alto)

22. The ancient story of redemption offered to all  In principio omnes  [3:58]

The Soul (Anima)  Roberta Diamond
Humility, The Queen of the Virtues  Jessica O’Donoghue
Virtues  Josie Ryan, Janine Harris, Pip Dracakis
Patriarchs & Prophets  Ethan Taylor, Hayden Barrington
The Devil  Koen van Stade
Symphonia  Antony Pitts