Guillaume de MACHAUT. The gentle physician — Orlando Consort


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Release Date: September 28, 2018

1. De Fortune (3vv)     [4:58]
2. De bonté, de valour     [3:58]
3. J'aim miex languir     [4:09]
4. Quant ma dame     [3:21]
5. Helas! et comment aroie     [5:22]
6. Maugré mon cuer / De ma dolour / Quia amore langueo     [2:27]
7. Je vivroie liement     [2:48]
8. Dame, comment qu'amez     [7:40]
9. S'onques dolereusement "Le lay de confort"   [23:04]
10. De Fortune (4vv)   [1:47]


[7.12.2018] Remarks
4 December 2018
Todd M. McComb


I'll have multiple items to discuss in this space within a few weeks (albeit perhaps not until the New Year), but I'm still waiting on at least one package from Europe so as to do some comparative listening. (In fact, I haven't yet listened to some of the recent items I've already received, since I've been quite occupied otherwise.)

In the meantime, I do want to make a note regarding the sixth volume of The Orlando Consort Machaut Edition: The most notable item on this release is the extended Le lay de confort in three-voice canon, and the new rendition is clearly the most accomplished to appear so far. Although it can be a bit repetitive & cadentially oriented, it has to be considered as one of Machaut's most imposing individual works. (It had been recorded twice previously, but a full six of the monophonic lais have not. Nor has a rondeau or two of the ballades, all three for two voices. And Orlando have now recorded only three of the nineteen lais, so that genre starts to become the largest outstanding component of Machaut's output. Will anyone have the stomach to fill entire albums with unaccompanied, monophonic poetry? We might find out....) There's also the popular De Fortune (& the alternative version makes for a worthwhile comparison) & Je vivroie liement, as well as other appealing songs — no first recordings, though. I should note further that I'm enjoying the recorded sound at this point, so prior concerns have been resolved. This continues to be a worthwhile series.