Du bon du cueur — Capella Alamire · Alamire Consort, Peter Urquhart
Music by Mouton, Bauldeweyn, and Willaert


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Recording: 2015 | Immaculate Conception Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Release date: April 2018

1. Du bon du cueur, à 3 / anonymous

2. Missa Du bon du cueur: Kyrie / Noel Bauldeweyn

3. En douleur et tristesse, à 5 / Noel Bauldeweyn
4. En douleur et tristesse, à 6 / Adrian Willaert

5. Missa Du bon du cueur: Gloria / Bauldeweyn

6. Si par souffrir, à 5 / Jehan Le Cocq
7. Si par souffrir, à 4 / Tielman Susato

8. Missa Du bon du cueur: Credo / Bauldeweyn

9. Adieu mes amours, 4-ex-2 / Jean Mouton
10. Qui ne regrettroit, 4-ex-2 / Jean Mouton

11. Missa Du bon du cueur: Sanctus / Bauldeweyn

12. Petite camusette, 4-ex-2 / anonymous
13. Petite camusette, 4-ex-2 / Willaert

14. Missa Du bon du cueur: Agnus Dei / Bauldeweyn

15. Du bon du cueur, à 5 / Mouton



medieval.org Remarks

1 January 2019
Todd M. McComb


[ ... ]

Whereas Ashwell might be said to remove the skeleton from under the decorations — or liberate them, as Schmelzer suggests — their contemporary (who did outlive La Rue & Josquin) Bauldeweyn presents more structural innovation: The Beauty Farm double album was revelatory in this regard, but now Peter Urquhart has indeed returned with a contribution of his own, in this case an album around the Missa Du bon du cueur with some related songs by other composers.

Here I actually prefer the song performances, including for their consort arrangements around low instruments (including sackbuts). The result is distinctive & earthy (& reminds me of later diminution technique, e.g. as articulated by Ortiz), but the large ensemble used on the mass tracks (& these may date to different recording sessions), together with so-so recording equipment, lends a rather muddy result there too. Still, the solid structural clarity & sweep of Bauldeweyn's ideas do come through, almost like a powerful musical scaffolding. This is the sort of music that was soon to disappear, and these are workmanlike performances worth hearing.