A Merrie Noyse Minstrels / The Crescent and The Cross
Music and Readings from the time of The Crusades



Music and Readings from the time of The Crusades.

In these recordings we bring together music and song from the 12th to 14th centuries with poetry from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayym (c10481131). We have included pieces from around Europe, much of which reflects the diverse historic cultural influences of the Iberian Peninsula, Ottoman Empire and local country tradition.

With the music and poetry on this CD we have attempted to bring together something of the feel and essence that rhythmical poetry and music have together. Early neumes up to the 11th century gave us phrasing and notation but no indication of rhythm. By 1200 rhythmic modes became the means by which we could interpret rhythmic patterns that drive the notation.

We hope the music, poetry and songs contained here bring something of the feel of the medieval culture and cross cultural influences of the time.

1. Fanfare Perotin (died c.1238)

2. Reading 1 – “Awake”

3. Saltarello Anon 14th Century Italian Dance

4. Reading 2 – “Slave and Sultan”

5. Richard, 11th Century Attb King Richard I

6. A) Stella Spendens (c1399) / B) Santa Maria, Alfonso X El Sabio

7. Cantiga 139, Alfonso X El Sabio

8. Reading 3 – “The Worldy Hope”

9. Douce Dame Jolie, Machaut, 14th century

10. A l’entrada del temps clar, anon 12th century

11. Quen a omagen, Alfonso X El Sabio

12. Readng 4 “O Come with old Khayam”

13. O we dirre summerzit, Reuental, 13th century

14. Kalenda Maya, Vaqueiras, 12th century

15. Alle Psallite cume Luya, anon 13th-14th century

16. Reading 5 – “Ah fill the cup”

17. Miri it is, Anon 12th century

18. Reading 6 – “The Moving finger”

19. A) Personet Hodie / B) Maie Din, anon 15th century